POS & Inventory Software

POS & Inventory Software

Uptick Technologies is based on the simple philosophy that customers have ICT needs and that they are looking for organizations to fully meets these needs. It is some of these needs that we exist to solve in the timeliest, value-adding, and cost-effective way for our clients.

We have developed business solution software for inventory and accounting purposes. The name of the desktop application is Zpro.

Zpro is optimized inventory control, cost-reducing point of sale, efficient stocktaking, and a Retail system designed for use in retail stores. It is a suitable Point of Sale (POS) solution for single-store retailers and it is a complete supply chain software solution for multi-location or retail chain stores. The system allows retailers the complete check over their retail operations through a unified transaction, merchandising, and analytic features of the application. It helps to increase customer satisfaction through operational efficiency and improved customer shopping experience. It incorporates retail industry best practices and helps retailers greatly improve their profitability.

The key modules of the Zpro system are the Administrative module, Stock module, and the Accounts module.